Welcome to Ljus Studio

Located in the heart of Wipkingen, the bright, minimalistic, and spacious Ljus Studio is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the city. The name Ljus, meaning Light in Swedish, encompasses both the beautiful naturally lit space as well the concept of finding light and energy both on and off the mat.

So what do we do at Ljus Studio?

Ljus Studio is a collective space that gives room for yoga, meditation, and photography. We consist of independent, highly trained, experienced, and enthusiastic yoga teachers who rent the beautiful studio in order to share our yoga knowledge within the community.

With a diverse collective of teachers, we are able to offer a number of different styles of yoga to suit all kinds of practice. Our studio concept encourages our teachers to instruct in their own way, and while our teaching methods might vary, each one of us as Ljus Studio shares a common ground; we love and are dedicated to what we do. Through our work, we are engaging with our world in the best way we can. We hope you can feel that light and energy when you visit us.

See you soon on the mat,

/Carla & Rowan