Light, spacious and the perfect space to practise yoga. Mats, blocks, bolsters, blankets and belts are available. There are two small changing rooms and a shower. 


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To reserve your slot, please write an email to, stating the date and time of the class, your full name, and telephone number. The book can only be used to attend a regular group class taught by Carla Araos. It cannot be used for special classes, workshops, or semi-privates.



with Carla Araos
18:30 - 20:00


with Carla Araos
10:00 - 11:30
with Sabrina Cerea
18:15 - 19:30
with Rahel Stanig
20:00 - 21:30


with Carla Araos
18:00 - 19:00
with Carla Araos
19:15 - 20:45


with Natalia Knuchel
17:30 - 18:45
with Sarah Mai
20:00 - 21:30


24th May - 12th July 2024
with Carla Araos
09:15 - 10:15


with Carla Araos
09:15 - 10:15
with Carla Araos
10:30 - 12:00

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Carla Araos


Carla started practicing yoga in 2002 in her hometown of Santiago, Chile, as a way of finding balance in her life as a busy architecture student. She had always been passionate about movement, having years of experience in ballet and in 2008, after working as an industrial designer for several years, she left Chile to discover a new path. She saw how yoga had helped to overcome many of life's difficulties, including her own personal hardships; It had healed her, and had given an inner strength and focus. She now felt a strong desire to share her knowledge and to show others the benefits of regular practice. Carla did her first TT at Samahita Retreat in Thailand and constantly continues to enhance her practice and teaching by regularly attending TT and workshops with teachers such as Michael Hamilton, John Scott, Dough Keller, and Francoise Freedman. Her main practice and sources of inspiration for her classes are Ashtanga yoga, Vipassana and yoga Nidra. She is also a certified prenatal and postnatal teacher. Having been through a bicycle accident herself, she understands even more now the importance of adapting the practice for different moments and possibilities of movement. In her classes, she focuses on exploring while keeping the practice safe, finding healthy alignment in synchronicity with breathing. She encourages finding the strength from a place within rather than from using force, respecting each body as unique and perfect.

Sarah Mai

After attending my first yoga class in 2004, my initial curiosity for yoga developed into a real passion. I was fascinated by the deep union of precise bodywork and spirituality. Yoga has guided me through many challenging phases in life, helping me to find my grounding and boosting my self-confidence. I completed my Yoga Teacher Trainings (Yoga Alliance) at AIRYOGA in Zurich: In 2012 a 200-hour Vinyasa Flow Training and in 2015 a 300-hour Advanced Hatha Yoga Training with Stephen Thomas. I continue to deepen my knowledge in workshops with Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Rachel Zinman, Marc Holzmann, Yogeswari, Mark Stephens, and others. This year I attended the teacher module ‚Chakra’ at the Swiss Yoga Studium with Johannes Glarner, deepening my knowledge about the subtle and energetic work with the chakras. Furthermore I assist my teacher Stephen Thomas at the 200-hour Teacher Trainings in AIRYOGA where we share our love and knowledge with all these new wonderful new yoga teachers. I emphasize practicing mindfully and listening to the body’s intuitive feedback. In my classes I always refer back to an awareness of the breath. Yoga shall not merely ground and strengthen us, but support us to find a peaceful path to our inner essence. I share my philosophical understanding of yoga with my students, inviting them to lead their awareness from the mind into the space of the heart and to reside in that space.

Sabrina Cerea

I discovered yoga thanks to my mother in 2011, during a retreat in a Buddhist monastery in Tuscany. Since then, yoga has been a powerful way to heal myself, my mind, and my body. I’m fascinated by the power of yoga on the physical body as well as on the mental space. It is beautiful how the mind reacts to the body’s impulses and vice versa. Traditional yoga philosophy had long ago discovered what modern medicine nowadays confirms and that is part of my constant research. I'm fascinated by body and mind anatomy. So when I teach, I love to create playful sequences to help the body to leave its comfort zone and challenge itself. I love to help people to explore yoga positions and to help them see these not just as challenging body poses, but as a way to feel release.

Rahel Stanig

The holistic philosophy of yoga, from the broad to the subtle levels, touch Rahel deeply. Her heart beats above all for meditation, pranayama and philosophy. From personal experience, she places particular emphasis on a dedicated practice with clear intention, strong grounding, and lightness. Rahel is a person of the heart, full of enthusiasm, and sensitive in nature. She likes things humorous and authentic - that's exactly how she accompanies you into your inner cosmos. Rahel is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher RYT® 500. Her training and further education are based on Hatha Yoga. Together with in-depth courses in pranayama, meditation, applied yoga philosophy, yin yoga, yoga nidra, and chakra theory, she has completed over 1,000 hours of training.

Rahel teaches in Swiss German / Rahel unterrichtet auf Schweizerdeutsch.

Natalia Knuchel

As long as Natalia can remember, she has always felt most comfortable when she could move through time and space During her training as a contemporary dancer in Zurich and Amsterdam in the 1990s, she deeply realised that movement not only strengthens, nourishes, and softens the body, but also has a tremendous impact on the mind and heart – and vice versa. On her journey of exploring the body and its great possibilities, she found access to Far Eastern movement techniques and their philosophy. This is how she became interested in Buddhist teachings and the practice of mindfulness. In the following years, Natalia continued to work in the performing arts and she also became a primary school teacher. In 2013 she completed her teacher training as a yoga teacher and started to teach classes, workshops and retreats. Natalia is deeply convinced that a regular yoga practice serves all human beings - regardless of skin color, gender, or age - not only on the mat, but also for navigating through daily life.